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The fast and efficient TOKEN API allows you to easily build GameFi, DeFi, Wallet & Payment, and dApps.

Powering the blockchain for NFTs, GameFi, DeFi, Wallets, and the Metaverse

What makes API different?

Our Token API lets you easily look up ERC20 and TRC20 tokens by wallet, token transfers, and token details instantly. No indexing required!

History API

Transaction history, from genesis

When using the TOKEN API to retrieve account transaction history, there's no need to scan the entire chain. Simply set the account parameters and the transaction history will be returned.

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Holding assets

Typically, obtaining a list of assets for an address requires complex calculations, and the blockchain network needs to read the asset information for incoming and outgoing transfers from scratch to obtain the asset list. Now, with our TOKEN API, it is easy to retrieve the asset list information.

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Token Metadata

Provide key token metadata, e.g., token name, symbol, decimals, protocol, total supply for a given address' token balances.

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Deploy TRC20 & ERC20 smart contracts

Deploying ERC20 or TRC20 smart contracts is often a tedious process that requires contract engineers to develop, verify, execute, and deploy the smart contracts. With TOKEN API, smart contract deployment is now quick and reliable

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Boost the TOKEN API

Pair with EventHook

Real-time notification of TOKEN account changes

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Pair with Price API

Get access to over 2200+ different token prices and their conversion values to fiat currencies.

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Pair with NFT API

Retrieve the combined balance of ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155 tokens owned by an address.

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