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Our multi-chain NFT API enables you to easily search, verify, display, and trade any NFTs.

Powering the blockchain for NFTs, GameFi, DeFi, Wallets, and the Metaverse

As easy as NFTs

Our NFT API makes building NFTs in any project a breeze, offering developers a complete set of tools to streamline the process.

Powerful & Friendly

Our NFT API suite offers developers simple access to a variety of NFT resources, such as holders, creators, transfers, metadata, etc., without the need for understanding complex smart contracts.

Fastest & Easily

Our indexing, metadata, and image caching capabilities enable developers to access NFT resources with speed and ease.  

Every Chains

Our NFTs API enables developers to effortlessly access NFTs on major public chains, including Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain.

Elastically & Scalable

Our NFT APIs are designed to be both elastic and scalable, ensuring reliability and dynamically adapting to the size of your business.

How does the NFT API work?

SolarPath provides developers with an optimal environment for accessing NFT resources. Our suite of APIs allows for fast and efficient integration with multiple major public chains

Get Metadata for NFTs

Getting NFT metadata usually involves developers reading and parsing smart contracts, followed by sorting through a large amount of irregular data. Our API standardizes the data, making it effortless to search across multiple projects and smart contracts.

Get Owner for NFTs

Getting the owner of an NFT may seem simple, but it actually involves a lot of custom code and additional infrastructure. With SolarPath NFT API, developers can easily make the necessary calls and obtain NFT ownership information.

Real-time updates

As NFT assets are constantly traded and changing hands, it's crucial to keep them up-to-date. With SolarPath EventHook, developers can receive updates on NFTs they are interested in and stay informed on any changes.

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