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The Advantages of Optimism

The Optimism is an efficient EVM-compatible L2 network, supporting MetaMask, SolarPath and other leading tools commonly used by developers on Ethereum.


Optimism's optimistic rollup achieves up to 2,000 transactions per second with extremely low fees, and SolarPath's automatic scaling API allows you to fully leverage it.

Fast and cheap

Gas fees are much cheaper - 120x cheaper than Ethereum, transactions run lightning-fast and save resources.

Ethereum compatible

No need to rewrite code - Optimism is fully compatible with all Solidity smart contracts and Ethereum libraries.

"Optimism is a leading Layer 2 solution designed around simplicity, pragmatism, sustainability, and optimism. It provides developers with the most familiar Ethereum experience at minimal cost. Optimistic rollups batch transactions to reduce gas fees and speed up transactions. The Optimism Collective DAO was recently created to fund public goods and protocol management. So far, Optimism has saved over $1 billion in gas fees."

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